lundi 4 novembre 2019

Eggøya the broken egg

Eggøya means in Norwegian Egg Island. It's a peninsula on the Southern side of Jan Mayen. The place was an volcano crater broken in 2 parts. Only one is visible nowadays forming a curved cliff. Eggøya really deserves its name as that of a broken giant eggshell. 



It is visible when departure at runway 04. 


I notice it before because elevation data didn't display it properly after interpolation process. The area looks flatten into the mesh for FS.

Thanks to new accurate information I can sea it real shape and I can get get it into the sim as an 3D objets.

Some WIP captures from Sketchup :





Final rendering before export :

After export in OBJ:

Eggøya into X-Plane 11:

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